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(Visit the Kenton County Veterans Memorial)


Friday, September 11, 2015, starting at 6 p.m. at the Crescent Springs Community Park at 805 Buttermilk Pike in Crescent Springs, Ky. The public is invited.

For details on the Dedication Ceremony, please see here.


The Project

Plans are currently under way for the design and construction of a 9/11 Memorial that will be located at the Crescent Springs Community Park. The memorial will be in close proximity to the existing Kenton County Veterans Memorial at the corner of Buttermilk and Collins Road.

Conceptually, the memorial will include renderings of the Twin Towers that once graced the New York skyline. In the shape of a pentagon at the base, the memorial will pay tribute to five groups deeply affected on that historic day, including firefighters, police, the airline industry, civilians and the Pentagon.


The memorial, depicted here in a computer-generated rendering, will include a timeline of the actual events that occurred on 9/11, and will also include subtle images and tributes to each of the groups affected. The centerpiece of the memorial is an I-Beam from the Twin Towers that was secured from Ground Zero.

A committee comprised of residents, city councilmen, mayors, and representatives from public service, the police department, fire department and airline industry have been dedicated to turn the memorial into a reality by 9/11/2011, the ten year anniversary of the event that forever changed the United States. A tremendous amount of interest and enthusiasm has been demonstrated not only from private citizens but from our legislators as well.

Our Response

Immediately after our initial feelings of shock and horror, Americans began to do whatever was in their power to rescue the innocent surviving victims - then those of us who sat helplessly as the events of that day unfolded began to provide whatever was needed in the way of emergency funding, blood and manpower.

We are still responding, each in his or her own way, with thoughts and prayers - the memories are endless.

We in Northern Kentucky were a part of that day, like all other good people in our country. The Memorial will be a testament to our sense of honor, our cohesive American spirit, our gratitude to those who gave their lives so that others might go on living and to those many who came to work one day and returned to their families no more.